Work Completed Date: April 24, 2012

We got hardwood floors installed on the upper level and stairs of our house and engineered on the lower level. You cannot tell the difference. They are both beautiful.

They removed the parquetry floors, tile, and carpet, moved the furniture, installed the floors, put the furniture back in the right place, and cleaned up.

I would highly recommend K&K to anyone looking to have hardwood floors installed. The house we bought had horrible parquetry floors from the 70s over concrete slab, and terrible carpet on the upper level. We had 4 companies come out and give us estimates. We were very happy with Patrick’s explanation of the floors. We had to get engineered floors on the first floor because of the concrete slab. He explained that the higher quality engineered floors can be refinished several times.

Their estimate was the lowest of all of the companies we had come out. He also got the estimate back to us the fastest.We went to their showroom and were very pleased with our options. We chose a beautiful dark maple.

The crew that come out to install the floors was excellent. They were super professional. Worked non-stop and did an incredible job. I have a small child, and they worked around our need to have a room for him to nap in. They were very careful moving our furniture, made very little mess, which they cleaned up spotless. The craftsmanship of the crew leader was exceptional. Our stairs have a strange landing, and he did a great job laying the planks and installing the toe kick.

They put felt floor protectors on everything, and I mean everything,  which is super. He explained to me how to care for and clean the
floors. The lower level bathroom had horrible tile in it. We didn’t notice that the tile was the base molding before hand. He removed this tile and installed new base molding that matched the rest of our molding. We had a cable for our TV running from one room through the dining room into the family room. When we had the TV installed on the wall, the guy was not able to get the cable to the TV any other way. They were able to completely hide the cable cord. We are so happy.

I have nothing bad to say about our experiences with this company. From start to finish they were professional and did an outstanding job. We could not be more pleased. I highly recommend you have this company come out if you are looking for hardwood floors.

Rainwater, ARLINGTON, VA