What is LVP flooring?

What is LVP flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank?(LVP)
is an alternative to hardwood flooring that is used and loved by hundreds of thousands of homeowners across America. But why is this type of flooring so popular? Should you really select LVP?over other options?

All about luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is a very durable material that can be used to make both tiles and planks for floors. In both cases, individual pieces of luxury vinyl are linked together at the time of installation,?allowing for great flexibility in terms of design and personalization. Luxury vinyl planks?are a particularly good choice for people who would like to mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring with added benefits!?

Benefits of LVP flooring

While many homeowners often think of hardwood flooring as the gold standard, the benefits of LVP exceed those of traditional hardwood for many buyers. Because it is made of synthetic materials, LVP is often a much more affordable option than hardwood flooring. In this case, saving doesn?t mean sacrificing quality! Luxury vinyl planks both look and feel just like real wood. Another reason why LVP is a great choice for families, in particular, is its spill- and scratch-resistant nature. Whether your toddler has spilled juice or your dog has tracked in mud from the yard, LVP allows you to be confident your?floor?will look as good as new with a quick, easy clean. Scratches from high heels or toys won?t be a concern, either; the very strong luxury vinyl is one of the toughest flooring materials available.If you?re looking for new flooring that is stylish, durable,?and?affordable, luxury vinyl planks are a fantastic option. To view a diverse range of styles, discuss your options, and get a free estimate,?contact K&K Floor?today.