Description Of Work: Put in Brazilian Teak floors on the main and upper level of our home, including a set of stairs.

Member Comments:

This plan was 5 years in the making. We went back and forth several times over the years before deciding to do this. I knew K & K had a terrific reputation and reviews. I did have one friend who used them for a smaller job many years ago. The most professional floor installers anywhere. The job they did was beyond incredible. They know What they are doing. This job included removing carpet throughout, and an old hard wood kitchen floor for this price. All of the furniture is moved for you and put back with pads? K & K always had come in thousands of dollars lower than every other quote I got, and the Brazilian Teak they used was a high quality brand. The previous estimate we got was 4K more and the wood he wanted to use was inferior, and not one of the only two brands that you should buy. I have given K & K’s name out to many people. Patrick, the estimator is quick to get back with you and there is nothing they wont work with you on. You can ask all the questions you want, and you will get an answer. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with using anyone else. You can get estimates, but I can almost guarantee K & K will come in at the beat price. Best price, best service!