Flooring installation


Here's what you should know about flooring installation

Once you choose your perfect flooring, the next step is professional flooring installation. This service offers extensive benefits and helps keep your floors looking great. One of the best benefits is the peace of mind that will be with you as long as your floors are in place.

Each floor covering gets a different installation. Knowing more about these differences can be important to you. Once you choose your materials, we can give you all your installation information.

Carpet installation is specific

Carpet is the only floor covering of its kind on the flooring market. And because of that, it takes a particular type of installation. As a result, carpet installation requires experience and special tools for the best results.

During the installation, be sure to include the proper padding. This is not an option you should skip, as padding ensures a good lifespan and performance. Once in place, these floors could last more than 20 years.



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Hardwood flooring installation is a unique process

Before starting the installation process, hardwood must go through acclimation, which takes one to three days but is necessary for your floor's durability. In addition, it helps prevent cracking, splitting, and warping after the installation.

Other factors can change the flooring installation speed of hardwood as well. Pre-finished materials offer a quicker installation. It has the stains and finishes already applied to the board and even provides a floating option.

Many types of flooring and many installation options

Each flooring type has specific requirements. Choose laminate or luxury vinyl if you prefer a quick and easy installation. But hardwood, stone, and porcelain tile can work if you have time for the extended process.

We always give you the information you need before the installation begins. We'll tell you what to expect and if there's anything you can do before the flooring installation team arrives. And if you have questions, this is a great time to ask them.
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