Terms and Conditions

  1. K&K Floor is fully licensed and insured, && K&K Floor’s workers are fully covered by worker’s compensation insurance
  2. Estimates (“quotes”) provided by K&K Floor’s Estimator is based on the current material pricing and can change without notice
  3. K&K Floor requires a 50% deposit of the contract amount to secure all project materials and installation date
  4. Due to the nature of floor covering, there may be some unforeseen material & labor that are needed (ex. Repair damage from water or termites, electrical, floor leveling, or plumbing problems), there will be extra charges. In some cases, this service may not be available from K&K Floor, if so, customers may hire other contractors at their own cost.
  5. K&K Floor reserves the right for final inspection to confirm specifications/pricing as listed.
  6. Any modification to this contract which changes the cost, materials, work to be performed, or completion date must be made in writing upon execution of Change Order Form.
  7. Customer is responsible to carry fire, tornado, and other necessary home insurances
  8. Customer is responsible for disconnecting/reconnecting any Computer related items and electronics.
  9. Customer is responsible for emptying cabinet shelves, bookcases, small breakable valuable items (lamps, picture frames, CDs, books, etc.).
  10. Customer is responsible for keeping their cash and jewelry in a safe place. K & K Wood Floor, Inc. and its workers will not be held liable on a claim for the loss of these items.
  11. K&K Floor nails in baseboard and quarter round. Nail heads are visible, && K&K Floor is not responsible for painting over them after installed.
  12. K&K Floor is not responsible for nail pops and dry wall due to installation.
  13. K&K Floor is not responsible for any plumbing problems due to the aging of the PVC pipes, or bolts in the kitchen, or in the powder room
  14. K&K Floor is not responsible for connecting, or disconnecting any gas-lines and electrical wires.
  15. Depending on the type of installation (hard surface or carpet) there will be hammering, sawing, and kicking in along wall for carpet installations. This means there will be some knicks and dust. This is expected with installations && K&K Floor recommends having extra paint for touch ups.
  16. All material is subject to commercially acceptable dye lot and/or prefinished wood stain variations as defined by industry standards.
  17. Any damage to the property must be reported to K&K Floor within 24 hours of occurrence.
  18. K&K Floor is not responsible for shortages of material when the sale is based on measurement submitted by purchaser.
  19. Unforeseen structural problems upon installation may change the total amount due.
  20. If after 60 days the purchaser is not ready for installation, a flat warehouse fee of $50.00 per month will be charged to purchaser.
  21. Due to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood, we are not responsible for gaping and buckling.
  22. All work to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to industry standard practices.
  23. If this contract and account are turned over to an attorney or collection agency for collection of any delinquent account, the customer shall be liable for all such collection efforts, including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, court orders, and out of pocket expenses incurred due to the delinquent account.
  24. Timely Installation: If after 6 months of the date of contract, the job is not completed by K&K Floor due to the purchaser’s delay, materials for the job will become sole property of K&K Floor and money paid to the contract, whether deposit of full, will be retained by K&K Floor. The contract shall then be deemed null or void.
  25. Cancellation: Any cancellation of this contract by the purchaser will cause loss of deposited money on the contract up to 30% restocking fee.
  26. Delays: Purchaser agrees K&K Floor is not responsible in delays on productions or installations due to causes beyond K&K Floor’s control such as manufacturer delays in production, shipping, inclement weather, or installer falls ill.