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Hardwood floor refinishing will be necessary for anyone with hardwood flooring. Whether solid or engineered, there comes a time when wear begins to show through. And refinishing can make these floors like new again.

Hardwood refinishing is more affordable and takes less time than flooring replacement. It helps the floors you have to last longer and look better doing it. And the more you know about the process, your service will improve.

What is the wood floor refinishing process?

Hardwood floor refinishing removes years of wear and abuse and adds a new layer of protection for years more service. It begins with sanding floors and moves on to replace the stain color, finish, and sealant. The result is a surface that looks like you've installed a brand new floor covering.

This process can also entail certain repairs if they're necessary. This will eliminate squeaky floorboards and other issues that could cause problems. If you have areas of concern, let a technician know during your assessment.



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Finishing the process

Once sanding is done, the process of refinishing can begin. At this point, you can choose the same color and finish you had or pick a new one. Wood floor refinishing can be a great way to change the entire look of any space. 

Depending on the products used, you can walk on newly finished floors after 12 to 24 hours. But it would be best if you waited two days before returning the furniture to the room. Also, wait at least three weeks before placing area rugs or runners on a refinished surface.

How often should you refinish your floors?

There are no hard rules for refinishing. However, the process becomes necessary when wear or damage mar the flooring surface. If you think you need wood floor refinishing, we can come in and assess the situation and give you some answers.
Hardwood refinishing in Chantilly/Centreville, VA from K&K Floor

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