Engineered hardwood flooring installation & hardwood floor refinishing


Solid hardwood floor installation

Always tasteful and luxurious, solid hardwood is a classic home décor choice for professional interior designers and individual homeowners alike. Hardwood flooring can be purchased pre-finished or unfinished and is not only beautiful and natural, but also extremely durable and long lasting.

Selecting your hardwood flooring style might be a bit challenging; there are dozens of suppliers, designs, hues, stains, patterns, and wood types from which to choose. You should take into consideration a number of factors including the style, function, and size of each room you’re considering in addition to your overall lifestyle and budget. Our hardwood floor installation & refinishing contractors are here to help you sort out all of these decisions.

When you make your final selection for the perfect solid engineered hardwood flooring, we are confident it will give you endless years of enjoyment from its inherent beauty, high quality, and valuable return on investment.

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Engineered wood flooring installation

Engineered hardwood flooring is made of wood; however, only the top layer (or veneer as it’s called) is made from the most beautiful and expensive wood. The bottom layers are usually a much lesser quality material, such as plywood. While significantly less expensive than solid hardwood, engineered wood flooring can provide the same overall look and feel to your room.

Engineered hardwood flooring is usually more durable and holds up better to moisture than solid hardwood products. Engineered wood flooring is also generally easy to clean and maintain and comes in finished planks that are available in a wide array of woods, colors, textures, and patterns. The advantage is that you can get nearly the exact style and design effect you desire in any room in your home without constantly having to concern yourself with moisture levels and temperatures.

Our trusted providers of engineered wood flooring take pride in manufacturing premium products that are attractive, durable and long lasting. And K&K Floor expertly delivers and professionally performs hardwood floor installation at the best price possible, guaranteed.

Engineered hardwood installation: K&K Floor seasoned hardwood floor installation professionals will install your engineered hardwood flooring to the absolute highest industry and manufacturer standards. We can use one of several methods for the hardwood floor installation, including "floating", nailing, stapling or gluing.

Best of all, our hardwood floor installation work is guaranteed for one full year.

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Hardwood floor refinishing contractors

Hardwood floor refinishing may be a most cost effective option for you if you already have hardwood floors, but they are looking scuffed and cloudy. Having your hardwood floor refinished is not as expensive as getting new engineered hardwood flooring, however the process takes longer than hardwood floor installation.

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

  • Our hardwood floor refinishing contractors place plastic coverings over doors, vents, and cabinets.
  • A refinishing technician sands down the wood to create a consistent surface.
  • Once all the hardwood is even and workable, sanding dust is cleaned up.
  • Then, your desired wood stain color is applied.
  • A protective coat of polyurethane wood finish is applied to help your refinished hardwood floors last (protective coat)

Finishes can take up to 24-48 hours to completely dry and hardwood floors can be refinished up to 10 times. Engineered hardwood flooring cannot be refinished.