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Quite possibly the most common type of flooring, carpet is comfortable, quiet, and warm –insulating your family snuggly from chilly floors, especially during those long mid-Atlantic winters.  Of course too, carpet is available in a huge selection of fibers, textures, colors and styles and can be installed nearly anywhere.

Carpet is available in wall-to-wall fashion or as large area rugs, is slip-resistant, and is an affordable alternative for most homeowners.

It is hard to beat an old classic, and no form of flooring is more classic, or common, than carpeting. This quiet, warm surface promises warmth and softness, as well as versatility and aesthetic appeal. Luckily for you, K&K Hardwood Floor’s flooring expertise also extends to this softer option, and we are ready to travel as far as Ashburn, Herndon, or South Riding, VA to bring your comfortable carpet to you.

A Range of Products in a Multitude of Styles

There are plenty of reasons to select a carpet as your floor of choice. For one thing, this quiet, warm surface can insulate chilly rooms, perfect for keeping you and your family warm during our state’s mid-Atlantic seasons. It also happens to be very versatile, available in the form of area rugs or wall-to-wall arrangements that can accommodate the needs of any room. Add to that its anti-slip properties, and you have a form of flooring that is perfect for both young children and elderly retirees alike. And with a vast selection of textures, colors, fibres, and styles to choose from, you can be certain to find a carpet that both looks and feels perfect for your room. Of course, the best part of this form of flooring is its affordability, allowing you to obtain style on a budget.

Rely on Us for Top-Notch Carpet Installation

Our company works with three primary carpeting brands; Shaw Floors, Mohawk, and Chesapeake Flooring. Each of these companies are just as committed to quality as we are, and their websites will give you a better idea of the selection they have on offer. Once you find the carpet of your dreams, turn to us to handle the final installation. Our reputation is backed by service excellence, and we are more than happy to bring that excellence to you.

Here are selections  that you can make a choice.